Package com.appliancestudio.jbluez

Class Summary
BlueZ This class provides the methods to access the underlying BlueZ functions.
BTAddress Java representation of a Bluetooth device address.
HCIDeviceInfo This HCIDeviceInfo class is the information relating to a local HCI device.
HCIDeviceStats Data object to represent the stats for local devices.
HCIFeatures Representation of the features supported by an HCI device.
HCIVersion Data object to represent the version information of a device.
InquiryInfo Stores the results of an HCI inquiry.
InquiryInfoDevice Represents the information gather about a remote device during an HCI Inquiry.

Exception Summary
BlueZException Exception thrown when problems occur within the BlueZ native code.
BTAddressFormatException Exception thrown when problems occur when parsing a String to a BTAddress object.

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