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Marcel Jansen joins JBlueZ as new Project Manager [16-Sept-2002]
As Edward Kay, the initial developer of JBlueZ reduces his activity on the project to concentrate on his degree, Marcel Jansel takes over as Project Manager. Marcel works closely with Edward at The Appliance Studio and is keen to administer JBlueZ in the next stage of development.

JBlueZ 1.0 is released! [6-Sept-2002]
The first edition of JBlueZ has been released to the Open Source community, providing for the first time a Java API for Bluetooth application development using the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack. In this release, the functionality exposed to Java is primarily only the HCI commands.

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JBlueZ is a Java package which interfaces with the BlueZ Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux, providing a simple means in which to add Bluetooth functionality to Java applications. It is designed to bring open source Bluetooth support to J2SE and J2EE without any reliance on proprietary third-party protocol stacks.

Whilst it currently only supports the Linux platform (with the BlueZ stack), it is designed in such a way that will allow easy conversion to add support for other protocol stacks and operating systems without the need to change any applications written to use it; hence fulfilling the 'write once, run anywhere' principle behind Java.

From the outset, JBlueZ has been designed to be 'complete'; that is providing a fully documented API that developers can get started with quickly and easily. In addition to fully commented source code, JBlueZ includes a Javadoc API reference, user/developer manual, documentation detailing its design plus example programs to illustrate the API in use. See the documentation section for full details.

JBlueZ was originally developed by the Appliance Studio in the UK. As the project and interest in it from outside the company grew, it was decided to convert it to an Open Source activity.

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JBlueZ can be downloaded from its SourceForge download page.

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Full documentation is included in the JBlueZ package, which will always contain the version relating to that release. For convenience, these are also mirrored on this site.

Version 1.0:

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The source of JBlueZ is included in the package(s) available for download. The following may also be useful:

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Mailing Lists

JBlueZ-announce (jbluez-announce@lists.sourceforge.net) is used to announce major project activities, such as new releases.

JBlueZ-devel (jbluez-devel@lists.sourceforge.net) is used for discussions relating to development on the project. It is primarily used by JBlueZ developers, but is also the place to suggest new features and ideas to the development team.

JBlueZ-users (jbluez-users@lists.sourceforge.net) is used for general discussion and questions amongst all users of JBlueZ.

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